Back to Work

COVID 19 has seen most working women either furloughed or cooped up at home. Some of you may have already been used to being able to work from home and already had the perfect set up but the majority of people had to set up shop and create a makeshift office space at home. Those who were able to continue to work at least had something to take their mind off things while those who were furloughed had to think of new innovative ways to occupy themselves. Being stuck at home has resulted in our time which is one of, if not the most important things in life being taken from us.

The pandemic has seen a lot of us having to create a new routine in life and adapt to not being able to freely use our time. How have you been affected by COVID 19? Are you one of those who struggled to remember what day it was due to the big change in routine? Did you get stuck in a cycle of waking up, watching Netflix and chilling and then going off to bed to start the same process all over again the next day? Our time has been taken away from us during the pandemic, time that we used to use to do the things we love doing best has slipped away through our fingers and we will never be able to get that time back. The pandemic has made us used to staying in and not being able to put on our glad rags and accessorise with luxury jewellery which compliments our outfits perfectly.

It’s been a long 6 months for most of us but now is the time for us to start getting back to normal. I say normal but what does that mean for you?

What does going back to work actual mean for you and how will it impact you? Social distancing is becoming the new normal as is wearing a mask to protect yourself and those around you in the workplace. If that is your new norm? No one wants to cover up their face with a piece of cloth but if we are going to survive and continue to be able to use our time freely to do the things, we love doing most then wearing a mask is a must. Black washable masks are common and would match perfectly with our Balaclava or Balaclava + so why not consider accessorising your mask with an Akilah Alexander timepiece? Whatever colour mask you chose to wear we have a timepiece to suit so it’s time to get excited about going back to work and put this pause in accessorising due to an unprecedented pandemic we’ve come to know as COVID 19 behind us!