Akilah Alexander’s designs epitomise elegance. An effortless fusion of luxury and sophistication, the range pays homage to the brand’s Manchester roots. Like the swanky car manufacturer, Rolls Royce; Akilah Alexander started life in the northern city. However, while Rollers are reserved for the super wealthy, this home-grown watch brand aims to make opulence affordable.

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When Akilah Alexander’s founder, Thema Bell, created the brand she did so as a watch connoisseur.  Combining passion and vision, Thema created an exclusive range that reflects her life-long love affair with timepieces.


Akilah Alexander watches are beautifully crafted to complement the wrists of classy women. Slim, elegant straps are married with intricate design and the brand’s signature bell motif to provide a collection of timepieces that are immediately distinguishable.


Thema creates her Akilah Alexander designs with the understanding that her watches aren’t just a way for her customers to tell the time. They are accessories, jewellery, and a statement to the world about the wearer’s personal style. The timepieces’ specially selected finishes are on-trend, stylish and chosen so they will pair well with most outfits; while the clean lines and intricate workmanship that goes into Akilah Alexander watches gives them a timeless, high end feel.


The Akilah Alexander collection makes luxury watches accessible. With competitive prices and a choice of finishes you can own an opulent accessory without the four figure price tag.